Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Women/Womxn's Leadership Institute (WLI)?
The Annual Women/Womxn's Leadership Institute (WLI) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is a conference that strives to raise awareness on issues women face in leadership, facilitate skill development, and provide networking opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

Will WLI be online or in person?
This year, WLI will be fully virtual through Zoom, featuring a keynote speaker, a number of breakout sessions, and an award ceremony! For those interested in the pre-conference we will send out additional details to you directly about how to access.

How will this virtual conference work?
It’s all through zoom! Once you have registered for WLI here and selected your zoom breakout sessions you will receive an email from John Burns with a personalized link to enter the virtual conference on Saturday. Having trouble finding your link? Search your spam/other inbox or try signing up for your breakout sessions directly at

How much does it cost to attend?
Attending WLI is absolutely free! Just register on our website at

I don’t identify as a woman, can I still come to WLI?
Absolutely! While women and the barriers they face are at the center of the dialogue at WLI, the skills and development participants will gain from attending WLI are applicable to everyone. Additionally, attending WLI is a great opportunity to listen and learn from women’s lived experiences and further develop allyship skills!

What are pronouns and why was I asked about them on the registration form?
Pronouns are the words people use to refer to themselves and others - such as he/him/his, she/her/hers, and gender-neutral options like they/them/theirs and even neo-pronouns (i.e. ze/zim/zir)

We ask for your pronouns on the registration form because we want to make sure we, and the other attendees, are referring to you correctly! As we work to recognize our privileges and be allies to those around us, we recognize that having a gender identity where people assume the correct pronouns for you is a privilege that not everyone experiences. By normalizing asking for pronouns, we aim to make our space more inclusive, safe, and welcoming.

Why do we use “womxn” in addition to “women” in the title of this year's institute?
There are very few words in English that refer to women without making reference to men: fe-male, wo-man, you get the idea. Masculine is the “standard default” that women come from, even in the roles we play (waiter/waitress, actor/actress, hero/heroine, prince/princess… boss/#GIRLBOSS). We use “womxn,” in the title of our institute to recognize that there are many women who’ve been, and still feel, excluded from womenhood, and to embrace a definition independent of the patriarchy. 

I have an emergency and can’t attend, what can I do?
Oh no! We hope everything’s alright. If you’re unable to attend WLI, please let us know at and we will send you a follow up email with information about where you’re able to find recordings of the breakout sessions and keynote speaker address.

I loved attending WLI! How can I get involved in the next one?
We’re so glad you enjoyed the 6th Annual Women/Womxn's Institute! If you’d like to get involved in planning next year’s, you can reach out to and let us know you’re interested in getting involved. We have lots of opportunities for student and organization participation in the conference, like planning and hosting a breakout session.

 Last Modified 3/22/21