Individual Consultations


As Owls Care Health Promotion continues to grow and evolve in the field of Public Health, we are focusing our resources on ways we can help the FAU student body at large and reach more students. To that end, we are no longer offering individual consultations. Please utilize the following resources from our Health & Wellness partners for help on various wellness topics:  


Alcohol or Cannabis Use:   

Counseling and Psychological Services offers consultations for students who wish to explore their use in a judgment-free environment. These sessions are called Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) and Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS). You can call CAPS to make an appointment at 561-297-CAPS (2277).   

For self-paced, individualized feedback on alcohol or cannabis use fill out the eCHECKUPTOGO here:  



Student Health Services offers individual consultations with a Registered Dietitian to explore your specific dietary needs and ways to satisfy them. To schedule an appointment with the registered dietitian, call 561-297-3512. Please see their website for more details:  


Stress, Sleep, Time Management, and Mental Health:

For individual or group therapy with a therapist, visit Counseling and Psychological Services. Visit their website for more details at  or call their office at 561-297-CAPS (2277).   

For one-on-one help with time management or study skills, set up a meeting with a tutor here: 

For self-help options, check out these resources: 


TAO was designed to provide you with a tool kit of effective evidence-based resources to help you bounce back from those setbacks. You have completely anonymous, free access,24/7/365 through your institution. Create and verify your account, then once you are logged in, click on any of the photos below to take you directly to your content selection. It’s like navigating on your favorite movie app...just with content that can make a difference in how you think, feel and function!   

TAO Quick Start:   

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Healthy Lifestyle:  

For foundational information on nutrition, movement, sleep, cold/flu, and cell phone use, visit our website here: .

For our blog, that includes recipes and quick tips, visit our Live Well page:  


Mental Wellness:

For foundational information on stress, time management, body image, and suicide prevention, visit our website here: .  


Check out our Instagram page (@fauowlscare) for the latest info on wellness topics, events, resources, and Hoot Loot opportunities. Find all Health and Wellness resources on the MyFAU app and click on “Health & Wellness”. 


 Last Modified 12/21/21