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FAU has partnered with Google to bring all FAU students – current as well as former – Google Apps for Education. FAU's implementation is Owl Apps!

Owl Apps is a collection of Web-based programs - Mail, Docs (document files, spreadsheets, presentations), Calendar, Talk, and Sites. You can give other Owl Apps users access to individual files if you wish - great for collaboration and group projects.


Power & Convenience

  • Owl Apps/Owl Mail gives you a full 25 GB of storage for your email, which is 1000 times the storage you had in MyFAU. Now, you no longer need to decide if you will delete a message or store it on your computer.
  • Innovative features to help you work more efficiently, including e-mail labels, e-mail conversations, and Google-powered search.
  • You can use Owl Apps from any computer, anywhere, to get e-mail, check your calendar, or collaborate on a document. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser. 
  • Never lose data, even if your computer crashes or is lost or damaged. All your work is hosted at Google, and safely backed up on Google's secure servers instead of on your computer.

Easier Collaboration

  • Working in a group for a class? Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that multiple team members can view and edit all at the same time.
  • Coordinate meetings and events by sharing calendars with friends and classmates.
  • Send and receive instant chat messages right in your Owl Mail window.
  • Build team Web sites to quickly publish all sorts of shared information, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, videos, and gadgets.

Help Using Owl Apps

The following video provides a quick overview of the features that will be available to you. Underneath this video, you will find more links to other videos that go more in detail over each of the applications.

How to Use:

Owl Mail & Mobile Devices - Check out the many ways you can access Owl Mail from difference mobile devices.

Gmail - Tour the Gmail interface. View new messages, perform message actions, chat with contacts online, and more.


- Take a tour of Google Calendar to learn about different parts of the interface.

Contacts - Explore the Owl Apps Contact manager. Keep track of your personal contacts, other contacts in your organization, and people you mail frequently.

Docs (more videos) - Navigate the Google Docs List and locate all your Google Docs.

Talk (chat) - Explore what Owl Apps Talk provides.

  How can you get started? On Sept 12 and after, go to MyFAU and click the Opt-In button. That willset up your Owl Apps account and will start the process of moving all your FAU mail to your Owl Apps account.

Access your account through My FAU Owl Apps channel.

That's all there is to it!
  Owl Apps on my Phone?
  Access Owl Mail in Outlook
More FAQs
  Neither FAU nor Google will ever ask for your passwords!
These days phishing scam e-mails are getting more sophisticated. Most claim to be from an official FAU source and ask you to e-mail or click a link to provide your information, including password — NEVER reply to or click a provided link if you receive such a message.


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