Student Publications, Presentations and Awards 

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FAU Students External Publications, Presentations and Awards

OURI tracks the student publications and presentations FAU students have participated in during their time conducting research in addition to the awards they receive for their work.  Below you can see the most recent list of external peer reviewed publications involving undergraduates, as well as external presentations and awards received.

FAU Undergraduate Students External Publications 

Student External Publications  

FAU Undergraduate Students External Presentations and Awards

External Presentations Involving FAU Undergraduates

External Awards Involving FAU Undergraduate Students

FAU Undergraduate Students Internal Publications

OURI also tracks FAU Undergraduate Students Internal Publications. Please see below links to the latest publications:

Athene Noctua  Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, exclusively publishes selected research papers from a given year’s “Senior Seminar in Philosophy” course.

Coastlines   FAU  annual undergraduate literary magazine, dedicated to showcasing works of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, translation, and visual art from FAU diverse community of writers and artists.

CompOWLation  FAU Music Department’s Commercial Music Program - Hoot/Wisdom Recordings L.L.C is a student-run record label  in which students supplement their musical skills with real-world experience of the industry.

FAU Undergraduate Research Journal  - FAURJ is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is published annually, that showcase high quality undergraduate research in all fields, supply students with an idea of the standard of research, and promote inquiry-based activities at FAU

FAU Undergraduate Law Journal  The ULJ is a peer and faculty reviewed journal dedicated to promoting the enquiry and discussion of legal subjects of any variety of legal disciplines.

Remarque  A student-produced juried visual journal featuring the creative work of students of Architecture, Graphic Design, Photography, and Film Video and New Media at Florida Atlantic University-Broward campuses.

Honors College Undergraduate Students and Faculty Internal Publications 


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