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Faculty mentors play an integral role in the Undergraduate Research and Inquiry experience. This mentorship allows for the growth and development of young researchers to become successful in their respective areas.  OURI offers a variety of ways for faculty to become engaged with the office, with varying time commitments.  This includes Curricular and Co-Curricular programs, professional development, support, and recognition events.

Faculty Flight Plan

Recruitment Support 

Are you looking for an undergraduate researcher to join on a project?  Request an advertisement for a lab opening to be included on an upcoming OURI email announcement!  Please email ouri@fau.edu with the following information:

  1. Project title
  2. Department and college
  3. Semester(s) offered
  4. Eligibility requirements
  5. Any required prerequisite courses?
  6. Project Website (if applicable)
  7. Faculty assigned to course and contact information
  8. Brief detailed project description
  9. Instructions on how to apply/join
  10. Anything else students should know before applying (commitment expectations, research location, etc.)

Annual Timeline of Events

(OURI Annual Calendar) Here you will find an annual list of opportunities for faculty and student engagement.         

Curricular Opportunities

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Professional Development

  • Annual Professional development workshops
  • Faculty Support for professional development (travel, material and supplies etc.) for mentors through many of our Curricular and Co-Curricular opportunities listed above (Subject to funds availability)

Tracking Students Research Activities

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) is working towards capturing individual student efforts regarding undergraduate research and inquiry under the guidance of a faculty mentor. This information will be used to showcase the impact of engaging in undergraduate research and creative activities. Please complete a short survey for students under your mentorship. The survey is aimed at collecting data specifically; those who have published, presented/competed/exhibited, won an award/fellowship/internship, received funding, and /or filed a patent. The activities reported should have be limited to those that are external to FAU. The link to the survey is provided (here)


  • Annual Faculty Recognition Event –In order to recognize the efforts of the amazing faculty who expand the undergraduate research initiative, OURI hosts an annual "Faculty Recognition Event" early spring to celebrate their contributions. 
  • Distinguished Mentor of the year -
  • Submit your Undergraduate Students' Success - OURI wants to hear about your successes!  Has your student published an original work?  Have they presented at a conference, symposium, or exhibition?  Complete this short survey to document your students’ accomplishments.

UGRS 2016


  • TeamSparX

           TeamSparX is a new "match-making" tool to create teams of researchers/scholars around projects.           
FAU Research Hub (TeamSparX) allows you to:
          · Search  for research mentors looking to recruit students to be part of their team 
          ·  Learn  what others across campus are working on 
          This app/website is now available through the app store/google play (via FAU login) or at TeamSparX   
Log in or download and start looking!                 
  • Request a Classroom Visit from OURI 

Peer mentors or OURI staff will present to classes and clubs about the Office and what it offers students. They will gear their presentation toward the group of students in your class and provide information relevant to the group.  Presentations can be as short as 10 minutes with a brief overview of the office or as long as an hour with some engaging activities! Please email us at least ONE WEEK prior to the requested date in order for OURI to ensure the best presenters for the audience!

Email  ouri@fau.edu  your request, please include

    • Date and Time of the presentation

    • Location of the presentation

    • How long will the mentor have to present? (e.g. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.)

    • Number of students

    • Brief statement describing the group (e.g.  sophomore psychology students, or juniors with a variety of majors, etc.)  

    • any additional information that may be helpful in organizing a presentation geared towards your students

  • Faculty resources

Our  Faculty Resources  page contains articles and best practices for faculty and students participating in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry.  


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