Distinguished Mentor of the Year

Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Mentorship

Faculty who serve as model mentors to their undergraduate research students are eligible to receive the Distinguished Mentor of the Year: Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry award.  Each year, one university-wide award will be given based on the undergraduate research engagement in the previous year.  The Distinguished Mentor of the Year will be recognized with a $2,500 award at the annual Honors Convocation.  


  • Any permanent, full-time faculty including tenured/tenure track faculty, non-tenured faculty, instructors, multi-year appointees, scientist/scholars, and research faculty who have been employed for one continuous year.
  • Faculty must have engaged as direct mentors of students in undergraduate research and inquiry, to include co-curricular (e.g grants, publications, presentations), curricular (e.g. RI Courses, DIR and DIS), as well as individual and group student mentoring.
  • Previous award winners are no longer eligible.


  • January 25th, 2021           Call for faculty applications/nominations
  • February 10th, 2021          Complete applications due to the Deans/Directors office
  • February 24th, 2021          Deans submit College nominee and application materials to OURI
  • February 26th 2021           Faculty Honors and Awards committee begin review
  • April 14th, 2021                 Award presented at the Honors Convocation

Contact information for College Submission

Faculty interested in applying for College consideration should send complete DMOY application packages to the following College contacts by Feb 10th :

  • Arts and Letters:   
 Ms. Taina Teran:   TTERAN@fau.edu
  • Business:
Ms. Ginger Hale:   vhale4@fau.edu 
  • Education:
 Mrs. Josephine Elliott:   jelliot@fau.edu
  • Engineering:
Dr. Shihong Huang:   shihong@fau.edu
  • Honors:
Mrs. Sandra Ogden:   sogden@fau.edu
  • Medicine:
  Dr. Joanna Drowos:   jdrowos@health.fau.edu
  • Nursing:
Ms. Bernadette Bastien   bastienb@health.fau.edu
  • Science:
 Dr. Warner A. Miller:   wam@fau.edu 
  • Social Work and Criminal Justice:   
Dr. Vaughn Crichlow:   vcrichlow@fau.edu

Application Guidelines

  • All materials should be submitted as a single PDF document to the Dean’s office
  • All materials submitted should highlight the undergraduate research mentorship the faculty conducted within the last three years
  • Nomination applications should be organized according to the following categories.

 A. A Personal statement (max 2 pages) that include

        1. Statement of undergraduate student mentorship philosophy
        2. Evidences of your undergraduate research mentorship
        3. Impact of undergraduate research on the culture of FAU

 B. Two letters of support from undergraduate students research mentees. These may be written from the curricular or co-curricular research perspective (max one page each)

 C. A current curriculum vitae highlighting evidences of all undergraduate research and inquiry student involvement, including co-curricular student mentorship, curricular, service and other undergraduate-research related activities.

Final College nominations should also include a letter of nomination from the College Dean/ Director.


Further Information

Complete details and guidelines for the DMOY award can be found HERE

Previous Distinguished Mentors

2019      Monica Escaleras, Ph.D. College of Business

2018      Myeongsub Kim, Ph.D. College of Engineering and Computer Science

2017      Julie L. Earles, Ph.D. Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College

2016      Tobin Hindle, Ph.D. College of Science

2015      Daniel de Lill, Ph.D. College of Science 

2014      Daniel Meeroff, Ph.D. College of Engineering and Computer Science

2020 Distinguished Mentor of the Year Awardee: 

Dr. James H. VanZwieten Jr.,

College of Engineering and Computer Science

DMOY 2020


2020 Distinguished Mentor of the Year Finalists: 

  • Jean Martin Caldieron, Ph.D. Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
  • Eileen Acello, College of Business
  • Cristobal Salinas, Ph.D. College of Education
  • Lucia Carvelli, Ph.D. Wilkes Honors College
  • Mahyar Nouri-Shirazi, Ph.D. Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
  • Nancey France, Ph.D. Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
  • Marianne Porter, Ph.D. Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  • Lincoln Sloas, Ph.D. College of Social work and Criminal Justice




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