Support for Faculty Teaching Research Intensive Designated Courses

Research Intensive Course Designation (RI) was developed to increase research opportunities for undergraduates in courses, and to support faculty who are teaching courses designated as Research Intensive (RI).  The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI), provides support to faculty who teach these courses through the following opportunities:

  1. The Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) program
  2. Course-Enhancement Expense (CEE) program

Faculty can request support by applying to either one of the above options for each term the RI course is taught. Please note that generally only one application per instructor will be considered each term.

Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) program

Program description:

The Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) program provides graduate student personnel to support RI designated courses at FAU.

GRC course eligibility:

RI designation must be approved at the State level for a GRC to be offered.  Faculty members may be eligible for more than one GRC with appropriate justification, depending on the size of the class and pending availability of funds.  An example of the student-to-GRC ratio is as follows:

  • Class enrollment up to 20 = 1 GRC
  • Class enrollment up to 50 = 2 GRCs
  • Class enrollment greater than 50 = 3 GRCs maximum

Faculty expectations - Faculty members will be responsible for:

  • teaching the RI course including developing, guiding, and evaluating the course assignments   
  • selecting their GRC(s) for the eligible RI designated course
  • soliciting and receiving approvals via email from the graduate student’s research advisor prior to applying for the GRC program, and
  • mentoring the GRC within the RI designated course.

Roles of GRCs in RI courses:

  • GRCs are advanced graduate students (or upper division undergraduates) who are active researchers and scholars in their disciplines
  • GRCs coach and advise the undergraduate researchers in the research and inquiry intensive projects within the course; they are not teaching assistants nor do not grade or evaluate student work.
  • GRCs are expected to work under the guidance of the faculty instructor
  • GRCs work closely with the instructor and the students for planning, implementing, and communicating their research and inquiry projects. (RI Courses are required to include a mechanism for students to communicate their findings publicly; for example, a class presentation, a poster session, a website, etc.)

GRC eligibility and expectations

Candidates should be eligible to work as Student Worker at FAU

  • GRCs are expected to work 30-40 hours over the course of the semester and are paid $750 for their efforts.
  • F-1 visa students who are already working 20 hours on campus do not qualify for these position

Hiring Process - OURI will transfer funds to the Department, who will be responsible for the hiring of the students.

  • Graduate students working over 20 hours will need to complete form 10.
  • Undergraduate students who are already working 20 hours for FAU will need approval from their advisor to work additional hours.
  • New employees, either graduate or undergraduate, will have to go through the hiring process, which includes a background check. Please notify OURI prior to the funds being transferred so that we can include the cost of the background check.

Course-Enhancement Expense (CEE) program

Faculty members may request funding to pay for materials/expenses necessary to implement their proposed RI course enhancements. Budget items can include travel necessary to conduct the RI projects, expendable materials and supplies, and one-time equipment requests related to the RI projects etc.  There is a suggested maximum of $750 for materials/expenses for every 20 students enrolled in the RI courses. A maximum of $2,250.00  depending on the size of the class and pending availability of funds. A budget justification will be required for these funds.

Application Information for both the GRC and the CEE Programs

Deadlines (if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the next business day):

  • Fall RI courses: July 1
  • Spring RI courses: Nov 1
  • Summer RI courses: April 1


To apply for either the GRC or CEE programs, please complete the online application through Survey Monkey Apply (click here for instructions). The RI designated syllabus and assignment/project(s) for which the GRC or CEE will assist must be submitted or uploaded as part of the application process.

Survey Monkey Apply Instructions

Survey Monkey Apply Online Application Link

Review process:

Both GRC and Course-Enhancement expense applications will be reviewed by the OURI Faculty Liaisons for approval, during the monthly Liaison meetings.  Consideration will be given to faculty submitting both individual and group research project proposals.

FAU’s Graduate Research Consultant Program is an adaptation of a program developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


 Last Modified 5/17/21