OURI and COVID-19 Updates

Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (Last updated 7-20-20)

The health and safety of FAU’s students, faculty and staff remains the top priority of this university. Updated COVID-19 announcements can be seen on the Division of Research Webpage and the Provost's Office webpage.  In addition to the university-wide updates, please read the important information below for OURI specific updates:

  1. Working with Undergraduate Researchers and Scholars: As per the Office of the Provost, allowing students to work during this time is permitted as needed, however social distance (6 feet) must be maintained. Note that some facilities are expanding hours so different shifts for staff are possible. This may be an idea for consideration, however, you will also need to consider the security concerns that would accompany this, such as building access.  We are asking faculty to be as flexible as possible if there are barriers related to in-person or virtual undergraduate student participation in research (e.g. travel limitations for students out of the state/ country, their concerns re coming on campus, health circumstances, limited access to internet from home or no/limited access to software, etc.). Faculty who work with undergraduates in research and inquiry should also consider providing alternative assignments which do not require them to be on campus. Group meetings can be conducted virtually, and mentoring can occur through Webex, email or phone. Suggestions for remote research assignments could include completing or revising a literature review, preparing an annotated bibliography, learning new research skills if online training is available, assigning readings of research articles and/or book chapters with summary reports, preparing sections that go into a manuscript or thesis, or analyzing and interpreting previously collected data. Students can also use this time to update their research compliance trainings e.g., CITI training, or request to participate in research workshops through OURIs canvas workshops site. Creative solutions may be necessary to help students work on projects.
  2. Guidelines for Undergraduates Conducting Research
  3. OURI Workshops and Writing Hour:  OURI is hosting various live workshops through Zoom. Please follow us on social media to receive updates. All of OURIs workshops are also available online through a canvas site. We encourage students to register for the OURI Canvas Course to gain access to these online workshops by e-mailing an OURI Peer Mentor or OURI at ouri@fau.edu. We are pleased to continue OURI’s writing hour each Monday at 3:30 pm. For questions email faurj@fau.edu
  4. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: OURI Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship will continue this summer thanks to the creativity of our faculty mentors. SURF workshops and meetings will be coordinated through Canvas and Webex. Stay tuned for project updates through social media throughout the summer.
  5. OURI Staff and Peer mentor availability: The OURI staff will be available by appointment based Webex for live appointments, phone and email, and the OURI Peer Mentors will be available via e-mail for online mentoring.
  6. Stay in touch through Social Media
    1. Facebook: FAU Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry
    2. Instagram:@fau_ouri
    3. Twitter: @fauouri


As always OURI is here to support you. Feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have.

The OURI Team

 Last Modified 9/3/20