Faculty Liaisons 2021-2022

Evan Bennett A and L

Faculty Member:  Evan Bennett
Email address: ebennett@fau.edu
College: Arts and Letters
Research Interests: Environmental history, Maritime and coastal history, Labor History, Florida History

M. Escaleras BUS

Faculty Member:  Monica Escaleras
Email address:  mescaler@fau.edu
College:  Business
Research Interests: Development Economics, Economics of Public Policy, Macroeconomics, Political Economy

S. Darling EDU

Faculty Member:  Sharon M. Darling
Email address:  sdarlin4@fau.edu
College:  Education
Research Interests: Early childhood/Early childhood special education, Curriculum, Behavior, and addressing the needs of children and families with and without special needs within inclusive environments

 ENG_liaison Faculty Member:  Fred Bloetscher          
Email address:  fbloetsc@fau.edu
College:  Engineering and Computer Science  
Research Interests: Water and Wastewater Technology; Groundwater Wells; Flow and Contaminant Transport; Wastewater Disposal Practices and Risk Assessment; Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management; Environmental Engineering; Utility Management and Finance
FAUHS Liaison headshot
Faculty Member:  Tricia Meredith
Email address:  tmeredi1@fau.edu
College:  FAU High School
Research Interests:  The anatomy, physiology, and behavior related to the
sense of smell of sharks and their relatives; how undergraduate research and inquiry-based learning impacts early college/dual enrollment students
Sondra Bickham Washington HC Faculty Member:  Sondra Bickham Washington
Email address:  swashington@fau.edu
College: Honors College      
Research Interests: African American literature, black girlhood studies, digital humanities, and archival research
MED Liaison headshot
Faculty Member: Ceylan Isgor
Email address:  cisgor@health.fau.edu
College: Medicine
Research Interests: Animal Models of Seizure Susceptibility; Neuromorphological behavioral and molecular consequences of chronic, variable stress during peripubertal-juvenile period in rats; Animal models for individual differences in the novelty-seeking or risk-taking behavior; Gonadal and adrenal steroid regulation of the novel estrogen receptor beta in stress relevant brain nuclei
NUR Liaison headshot Faculty Member:  Cheryl Krause-Parello
Email address: ckrausep@health.fau.edu
College:  Nursing
Research Interests: Conducting animal-assisted interventions with service, emotional support, and companion dogs in military, veterans and their families, improving mental health and wellness by reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms, and examining the effects of the human-animal bond on stress biomarkers. 
To learn more please go to Canines Providing Assistance to Wounded Warriors (C-P.A.W.W.) website www.nursing.fau.edu/c-paww
Faculty Member:  Tobin Hindle
Email address:  thindle@fau.edu
College: Science
Research Interests: Human-Environmental Interactions, Ecological Regeneration, Strategies to integrate, Science, Society and Nature, Geographical Information Science, eLearning

Science Liaison Faculty Member:  Diana Mitsova
Email address:  dmitsova@fau.edu 
College: Science
Research Interests: Geographic information systems, Spatial and Statistical Analysis, Sustainable Urban Planning, Impact of Urban Development on Ecosystems and other Environmentally sensitive areas
SWCJ Liaison headshot Faculty Member:  JuYoung Park
Email address:  
Social Work and Criminal Justice
Research Interests: 
Chronic pain management in older adults, pain medication misuse/abuse, and mental health in older adults with chronic pain. Currently, she is conducting interdisciplinary research with physicians and nurses in the FAU College of Medicine and Nursing


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