Directory Assistance/IntelliSPEECH

FAU uses a speech recognition auto-attendant system, IntelliSPEECH, to automatically answer and transfer incoming and internal phone calls on the Boca Raton campus. With this system, you say the name of the person whom you want to call, and IntelliSPEECH will connect you to them.

To use IntelliSPEECH, dial “0” from any FAU phone or dial 561.297.3000 from any other phone. IntelliSPEECH will recognize your request and transfer you to the correct extension. You can state your request at any time during the automated greeting (you do not need to wait until the greeting has finished).

If IntelliSPEECH does not initially recognize your request, it will try two more times before forwarding the call to the FAU operator for completion.

If you need to speak to the FAU Operator, simply ask IntelliSPEECH for “Operator” or dial 2.

Important IntelliSPEECH Information:

  • IntelliSPEECH does not include cell phone numbers, student phone numbers, or fax numbers.
  • IntelliSPEECH can connect you to specific people, and also look up departments, colleges, OR campuses.  Simply state what dept. (or whom) you are looking for and IntelliSPEECH will connect you.
  • IntelliSPEECH can be updated to include aliases such as “Barb” for Barbara, “Fred” for Frederick, or PhD to indicate Doctoral title.  This can help direct calls accurately. For all name updates and alias requests, please submit a ticket at and select "Phones" then "Office Phones" to request a name change or update.
  • You can still enter an extension using your phone’s keypad if you chose to do so during the IntelliSPEECH greeting.

If you have any questions regarding IntellSPEECH, dial "0" from any FAU phone and ask for “Operator”

A copy of the IntelliSPEECH instructions can be viewed at

NAME Changes / Caller ID changes on Phones:

For all name changes and Caller ID change requests, please submit a ticket at and select "Phones" and then "Office Phones" and fill in the required info.


 Last Modified 2/23/17