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Instructional Computer Lab DW-103 | Davie Campus

FAU has room standards based on the type of equipment assigned to the classroom. These standards are used by the Registrar’s Office to effectively assign space based on the pedagogical needs of each instructor.

For regular classes, these facilities must be booked through the Registrar's Office prior to the scheduling of the academic term.

The term e-classroom is used for the electronic equipment and network capabilities, which enhance the teaching and learning experience of the students. E-classrooms are rooms that contain the following equipment:

  • Network Drops
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Wireless Network Access
  • Teaching Podium
  • Networked Computer
  • Mounted Projector
  • Laptop Accommodations
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Document Camera
  • Sympodium (Touch Screen)
  • Touch Panel Crestron Control System
  • AirMedia (Wireless Presentation)

For more information about the Davie Campus e-classroom facilities, please contact Ewart Borland, Learning Resources Manager, at 954-236-1201.

E-Classroom Facilities

Overall, there are 35 e-classrooms at the Davie campus, distributed among the Liberal Arts (LA), the Education and Science (ES), the Davie West (DW), and the Student Union (SD) buildings. Below is a listing of the facilities:

Room # Room Capacity
LA-120 217
LA-124 105
LA-132 40
LA-148 20
LA-152 24
LA-225 24
LA-233 70
LA-234 50
LA-243 46
LA-331 60
LA-332 55
LA-339 40
Room # Room Capacity
LA-341A 65
LA-404A 30
LA-445 30
LA-447 24
LA-455MA 24
LA-456A 30
ES-102 46
ES-103 30
ES-104 64
ES-106 64
ES-108 64
ES-116 50
Room # Room Capacity
ES-118 44
ES-119 42
ES-120 64
ES-121 40
ES-122 64
ES-254 75
DW-103 100+
DW-107MA 46
DW-109MA 46
DW-110 46
SD-105 100+
MMediasite Recorder Capable
AAirMedia Available



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