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OIT Employees Recognized at the 2018 Employee Service Awards Ceremony
Published Monday, May 7, 2018

Marc VerdieuSeveral staff members of OIT Broward Technology Services (OIT-BTS) and OIT Northern Technology Services (OIT-NTS) were recognized at this year's FAU Employee Service Award, an event that took place on Wednesday, April 25th, at the Boca Raton campus.

Florida Atlantic University Employee Service Awards Ceremony honored employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service. The event is also used to give three significant annual employee awards: the President’s Leadership Award; the Gabor Exemplary Employee Award; and the Valic Customer Service Award. 

This year, one of OIT Northern Technology Services employee (Marc Verdieu) was one of the two people who received FAU's Valic Customer Service Award. This award recognizes employees who have made exceptional contributions, exceeding normal expectations, to furthering the University’s mission by delivering services of superior quality to external or internal customers, partners and/or stakeholders.

Besides Marc Verdieu, three other OIT Partner Campuses employees were recognized for their service to the university:

  • Mark DeHass , Assistant Director Northern Technology Services - 20 years of service
  • Alberto Fernandez , Director of Partner Campuses - 10 years of service
  • Marc Verdieu , Coordinator of Media/AV Services - 10 years of service

OIT staff recognized

At the ceremony, several other OIT members from the main Boca Raton campus were also recognized for their for their service to the university. Those individuals were:

  • James Gorycki , Computer Applications Specialist - 30 years
  • Gregory Severine , Senior Computer Operator - 30 years
  • Linda Kersich , Billing/Data Analyst - 25 years
  • Ivette Puga , Assistant Director Telecom - 25 years
  • Wendy Wong , Director of the Project Management Office - 15 years
  • Susan Bell , Computer Applications Specialist - 15 years
  • John Cahill , Statistical Research Coordinator - 15 years
  • Merideth Dee-Larrieux , Computer Applications Coordinator - 10 years
  • Eric Satkowitz , Computer Applications Coordinator - 10 years

You can watch the full video of the event here.

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