Audiovisual Policies

Equipment Request

Request will be processed between the hours of 8AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. All requests must include the following information: requester's name, a local contact's phone number, the day and date(s), location (building and room number), start time, end time, and equipment requested. Request must be submitted 72 hours prior scheduled event. Request confirmation will be sent within 72 hours of request being received by AV. You can submit a request by clicking here.


AV Services will make every effort to deliver and pickup equipment on time. Occasionally, unavoidable circumstances hamper our efforts. Please be patient.

Phone Calls

We do not accept requests over the phone. We will only return calls to local phone numbers for information purposes. Please contact our help desk to submit a request. If you have additional service questions please contact us at 561-297-3707.

Term Orders

Term orders are requests for equipment for more than one date. Since classroom assignments may change during exam periods, term orders will only be scheduled through the last day before Reading Day. If you need equipment during exams, you should submit a separate request.


The user is responsible for the proper care and use of the equipment. If the equipment is damaged, the user may be held liable for replacement or repair of the equipment. Please call 561-297-3707 if you experience a problem with the equipment. We will dispatch a tech to assist with the problem as soon as possible.

AV Services Computer Software Loads

Users of AV Services computers are limited to using the software normally installed on the unit. If additional software is needed, please contact The Lab Group @ 561-297-0043. Users are responsible for ensuring all software installed on these computers is properly licensed. For a list of installed software, refer to the Lab Group’s web page or call 297-0043. Users may download software using their user profile which will be removed within 24 hours.

Personal Laptops

Audiovisual Media Services Staff will not reconfigure personal computers without the owner's permission. AV will attempt to or make setting suggestions that may resolve an issue. All other issues will be the responsibility of the owner. The user should contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Teaching Auditorium

Reserving an auditorium through Room Scheduling office not automatically entitle one to use the AV equipment in the room. Use of equipment must be scheduled with AV services. All instructors and teaching assistants using AV services equipment in teaching auditoriums should register their class with AV services.


For other than direct classroom support, there will be fees associated with the use of av equipment. Student organizations and clubs, special events, and non FAU groups or individuals will be charged a fee for use of av equipment. Tech fees will be charged for setup and monitoring where applicable. When making a request for use by a student organization/club, the appropriate advisor must provide an account number. All other fees may be made payable by check to FAU. AV Services will provide an invoice/estimate of charges prior to the delivery of equipment and services. Request must be summited 72 hour in advance of scheduled event.


 Last Modified 8/31/17