What is an FAUNet ID?
Your FAUNet ID or username is what you use for getting into MyFAU, e-mail, FAU network (AD), Blackboard, and eCollege, among other services. You use the same faunetid on all FAU campuses.The FAUNet ID is used for the following:
  • MyFAU
  • E-mail: If you use Outlook or other e-mail client you need to set it to use your FAUNet ID and the same password as you use in MyFAU
  • Network Access: Desktop Authentication, Network (Share) Drives, Computer Labs, Wireless Computing, VPN
  • Blackboard

: Student accounts are added to Blackboard approximately 1 week before classes start. After that point, accounts for all students who register for courses are added to Blackboard daily; however, you will see only those courses whose instructor has chosen to use Blackboard. If you don't see a course in Blackboard when you expected it, and it is at least 24 hours after you registered for the course, please contact your instructor to verify the course is in fact using Blackboard.
What is my password?
As of October 30, 2007, the initial default password for all new users is date of birth date in the format MMDDYY. If you became a student, employee, or faculty member before that date but never logged into one of the above systems, your password could be your birth date in 00DDYY (2 zeros followed by 2-digit day and 2-digit year of birth) or the last 6 digits of your SSN.
In most systems you will be prompted to change your password. We suggest that you choose a very secure password and then use it for all the systems you use. Please see the Password Best Practices page for more information on password creation.
When do I get my FAUNet ID?
Your FAUNet ID is created when you are admitted as a student or attend orientation as an employee or faculty member. It is automatically generated in the university's central database (aka Banner).
How do I find out what my FAUNet ID is?
To look up your FAUNet ID, go to MyFAU ( http://myfau.fau.edu) and use the link labeled Lookup FAUNet ID /Username . It will display both your FAUNet ID and Znumber.
When I look up myFAUNet ID it says " There is no data available for the SSN entered."
If you don't have an SSN but have been given an "alternate ID" (for example, if you are a foreign student), enter that number in the field labeled "FAU Assigned ID" to try again. If you still don't get the FAUNet ID, you will need to call the Computing Help Desk at 561-297-3999. If you have some other problem but know what your faunetid is or should be, you will get a quicker response asking for help by submitting a support request online: http://www.fau.edu/helpdesk .
Can I change my FAUNet ID or create my own name?
FAUNet IDs can be changed only if you have legally changed your name or if your name was misspelled when entered into the University system.

 Last Modified 11/8/16