Calendar Sharing in Outlook 2010

Note: To share contacts or calendar, both parties must be Exchange users in Outlook.

Sharing your Calendar

  1. Open Outlook and click on Calendar.
  2. On the ribbon (top menu) select “Share Calendar” option
    Share calendar instructions
  3. A sharing request will open. Enter the user’s FAU email in the To: field.
  4. You have two options:
    •  Request permission to view the recipient’s Calendar – you are asking to get access to recipient’s calendar
    • Allow recipient to view your Calendar - you are giving recipient access to your calendar
  5. You can also select what details the recipient can see:
    • Availability only- Time will be shown as “Free,” “Busy,” “Tentative,” or “Out of Office”
    • Limited details – Includes the availability and subjects of calendar items only
    • Full Details – Includes the availability and full details of calendar items
      Share calendar instructions
  6. When you have selected your sharing options, click Send.
  7. Click Yes
    Share calendar instructions
  8. The recipient will receive a confirmation email informing them of their permissions.
    Share calendar instructions
  9. Note:If you requested to view the recipient's calendar they will have to allow your access first. When they do, you will get a confirmation that you have been granted access.
  10. To modify the recipient's permissions and/or to make them a Publishing Editor of your calendar (add, delete, or edit rights) click on the Calendar Permissions on the top menu.
    Share calendar instructions
  11. Highlight the recipient’s name and select Publishing Editor rights within the Permissions Level. Click Apply and OK. The recipient is now able to fully view, add, and edit your calendar items.
    Share calendar instructions

To Open up a Shared Calendar

  1. Click on Open Calendar -> Open Shared Calendar.
    Share calendar instructions
  2. Enter the name or the email address of the person and hit OK.
    Share calendar instructions
  3. The calendar will automatically open up next to your calendar and will be listed on the left panel under Shared Calendars.
    Share calendar instructions

 Last Modified 11/8/16