E-Mail System

FAU E-Mail Mobile Devices Configuration

FAU E-Mail Mobile Devices Configuration

Users can access their e-mail account using a Web browsers through their mobile devices. Simply go to http://mymail.fau.edu in your mobile device's Web browser to access Owl Mail powered by Google. Enter your FAUNet ID (aka username without the @fau.edu) & Password (same one you use to log on to MyFAU). There's no setup required.

The mobile browser interface offers familiar Gmail features like archiving, labels, and lots of storage on Google's servers. Best of all, the mobile interface is always in sync with the main Owl Mail server. Most mobile devices with Internet access and that meet the minimum requirements should be able to access Owl Mail in the browser.

Configuring iPhone & Android Devices

You can configure your device to receive e-mail messages. You can use the same password as you do for your FAUNet ID, but keep in mind that the Owl Mail password is not synchronized with your FAUNet ID password, so if you change your FAUNet ID password the OwlMail password will not change unless you manually change it.

Before you continue with these instructions, please make sure you set your Owl Apps Password.

 iPhone Settings  
  • Open the Settings application on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Select Accounts and Passwords.
  • Press Add Account.
  • Select Google.
  • Sign in with your full FAU email address (FAUNetID@fau.edu) and select Next.
  • Login to Google Applications via SSO. Enter your FAUNetID and password.
  • From the list select which options you would like to sync and click Save.

 Android Settings  

For the best experience with Owl Mail on Android, we recommend the Gmail app. Most Android devices come with a preinstalled Gmail application, which offers features similar to the Gmail application on other devices but adds support for push email. If by any chance you do not have this application installed, you can download the Gmail App from m.google.com/mail using your device browser.

Using Gmail App with Owl Mail
  • Download the Gmail App (if you don't already have it).
  • Open Gmail.
  • Press Menu.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Select Add Account & press Next
  • Select Already have a Google Account? and press Sign In.
  • Enter your full FAU email address (ie. FAUNet_ID@fau.edu) as the Username
  • Enter your Owl Apps Account Password set in MyFAU as the Password.
  • Press Sign In
  • Select Sync Gmail from the Data & Synchronation screen.
  • You can also add an account through the Account & Sync Settings screen.
Using IMAP for Owl Mail

If you prefer to use your mobile device's native email client, you can integrate a Gmail address with your device using IMAP. More information about this can be find in the Google IMAP Help. Note: You'll need to use your full FAU email (aka FAUNet_ID@fau.edu) for username and new Owl App password set in MyFAU.

For additional information and instructions please see our Help Desk Knowledge Base.