FLORIDA Equity Report 

FAU Equity Report 

Pursuant to BOG Regulation 2.003, the Office of Equity and Inclusion prepares the annual report with the assistance of mulltiple capus departments.  The most recent Equity Report was approved by the Board of Trustees on August 12, 2020.

BOG Regulation 2.003 Equity and Access 


(5) Reporting and Monitoring. Each university shall prepare an annual Florida Equity Report in accordance with this regulation and reporting guidelines established by the Board of Governors Office. 

  1. At a minimum, the university’s equity report must include information on the institution’s progress in implementing strategic initiatives and performance related to equity and access as they pertain to academic services, programs, and student enrollment; equity in athletics; and employment.
  2. Each university’s equity report shall assess sex equity in athletics, as well as representation by race and sex in student enrollment, senior- level administrative positions and by faculty rank and/or tenure status. 1. Annual goals shall be developed and included in the equity report to address each area of underutilization. For each year in which prior year goals were not achieved, each university shall provide a narrative explanation and a plan for achievement of equity.
  3. Each equity report shall include a web citation of the university’s non- discrimination policy adopted by its university board of trustees. 
  4. Such reports are to be submitted to the Board of Governors Office by July 1 of each year pursuant to the requirements of this regulation and guidelines distributed by the Board Office for each reporting period.
  5. Each university board of trustees or designee shall approve the annual Florida Equity Report for its institution prior to submission to the Board of Governors Office.
  6. The Board of Governors Office shall annually assess the progress of each university’s plan and advise the Board of Governors and the Legislature regarding compliance.