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COVID-19 OCR9 OFFICE Information

Dear Members of the FAU Community:

The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX (OCR9) wants to remind members of our community that maintaining our programs and activities free from unlawful discrimination remains a priority for the University. As we transition to our remote working environments, please be mindful of the following:

While working or learning in remote environments, please be mindful of the following: 

OCR9 remains open and operational. Anyone impacted by sex/gender discrimination or any other unlawful discrimination within the university environment is encouraged to make a report or call our office as phones have been forwarded.  Investigations may be conducted remotely through Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other means as deemed practicable.

University regulations and policies on unlawful discrimination and sexual misconduct apply to behaviors that occur online ( Any behavior that is prohibited by policy is also prohibited in cyber-forms, including cyber-harassment, cyber-bullying that is based on a protected class, and cyber-stalking.

If you have an ongoing case and have any questions, reach out to the assigned investigator.  If you do not receive a response, please contact the main OCR9 Office number at 561-297-3004 and leave a message in the general mailbox.  

Information on the university’s discrimination regulation and sexual misconduct policies and procedures and be found here (, and our online reporting form can be accessed here (


Covid-19 Accommodations for employees

If you require accommodations related to COVID-19 for on-campus work due to a disability, please click on ADA Coordination on the left column or click here.