Mentoring Project Peer Mentors

What is First-Year Connections?

First-Year Connections is a university-wide mentoring program focused on helping first-year and transfer students make a successful transition to FAU's academic expectations and our campus culture. We do that by leveraging the power of a personal connection to one of the talented people who research, teach, study, and work here at FAU.

What are the benefits of becoming a Peer Mentor?

Both mentors and mentees are sure to benefit from the mentoring process. Mentors often gain personal gratification experiencing professional, cultural, and social development. Watching mentees develop during their time at FAU is an internalized fulfillment derived from helping guide a student, including:

  • Helping to improve self-confidence of mentees
  • Easing discussions around academic and/or social difficulties
  • Facilitating the academic, personal, and professional development of a mentee

Ultimately, as a mentor you will have the opportunity to become a motivator, advocate, coach, connector and champion. As a mentor, you will help your mentee succeed at FAU!

What are the requirements?

To become a Peer Mentor, you must:

  • Have a 2.7 cumulative GPA and completed 30 credit hours
  • Have been a student at FAU for at least one semester
  • Transfer students must have completed one semester (fall or spring) at FAU

What are the expectations?

  • Mentor 1-3 mentees for one semester
  • Meet with your mentee face-to-face at least once a month
  • Connect with your mentee 5-6 times during the semester (we recommend weekly check-in's)

How will I be matched?

You are paired with a mentee through a matching algorithm that considers academic areas of interest, co-curricular involvements, and common goals for a mentoring relationship. You will also have the option of describing any specific interests you have in supporting a mentee -- for example, mentoring a woman interested in physics, mentoring a veteran, mentoring LGBTQ identified students, etc.

How can I apply?

Applications will open in late Spring 2023, for the Fall semester. Stay tuned!

 Last Modified 11/21/22