Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program Tuition

Tuition for the comprehensive Medical Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program is $18,000 per in-state student and $28,000 per out-of-state tuition. Tuition includes all books, supplies and fees required for the course.

Please be aware that the program does not meet the criteria to be eligible for federal or state student aid. As a result, some students may turn to private (non-federal) education loans to help cover education costs. Private, credit-based lending is accepted by the university to assist students with covering full or partial tuition and fees. Lending companies include banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Students are advised to consult with the lending company regarding specific eligibility requirements, interest rates, disbursement options, repayment terms, and other factors. Before making a decision about a private loan,  review information details provided by FAU's Office of Financial Aid  to help with your decision before beginning the process.

The College of Medicine’s postbac program has worked with the Sallie Mae Graduate School Loan program to create a process that will expedite your request for a private loan application. Visit  to begin the private loan application process.

  1. Click on 'Apply for this student loan'
  2. Select either on 'Student' or 'Cosigner' depending on your status
  3. Select 'Graduate or Advanced Degree'
  4. Click 'Post-Graduate Certificate'
  5. The state field should automatically populate. If it does not, select 'Florida'
  6. The name of the school/program field will automatically populate 'Florida Atlantic University – Post Baccalaureate Program'
  7. Click 'Continue'
  8. Enter your personal information and proceed with the application process


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