Reasons to Apply to Our Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program

  1. The Medical Post-Bacc program affords continuous individualized advising and guidance in applying to medical schools. The advising continues for up to two medical school admission cycles after completing the Postbac Program's in-person section.
  2. As a career enhancer, the Medical Post-Bacc program expands the students' skills, experiences, and strengths to become more competitive candidates for medical school.
  3. Students are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that assists prospective medical students in their professional and personal growth.
  4. The Medical Post-Bacc program teaches medical school-level courseswith the same established curriculum used in medical school.
  5. The Medical Post-Bacc program emphasizes MCAT exam preparation - synthesis and transformation of ideas with testing techniques and cognitive learning to apply to the exam.
  6. The Medical Post-Bacc program offers personal skills development, including planning, communications, interview preparation, leadership, time management, collaboration, brainstorming, and teamwork.
  7. The Medical Post-Bacc program has established community service opportunities with various clinics and agencies that allow students to meet and interact directly with patients.
  8. Through the Medical Post-Bacc program, students will have the opportunity to participate as standardized patients. These roles facilitate the medical school student's interaction with patients in a controlled, orchestrated environment. You will learn appropriate patient/doctor communication techniques by interacting with the medical students.
  9. The Medical Post-Bacc program offers a guaranteed interview at the Schmidt College of Medicine to students meeting minimum admissions requirements. The minimum  requirements are a 3.3 GPA (science and overall) and an MCAT score of 505.  The ultimate judge of the admissions process lies within the purview of the College of Medicine's Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee's decision is the final word on a candidate's selection for admission.  
Additional Information
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