Post-Baccalaureate Simulation Training

FAU’s College of Medicine has a state of the art high fidelity simulation center where medical students, residents and experienced nurses train. The students in the Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program will have the opportunity to become a facilitator for this training. The facilitator’s role is to follow the scripted responses to participant questions from behind a one-way glass window. The goal is for the postbac program students to (1) become familiar with the various disease processes, and (2) become familiar with the techniques employed to ascertain the patient’s physical assessment and history. The postbac program students will observe the simulated patient interaction between the mannequin patients and the medical students. They will follow the medical student process of extracting pertinent history information from a variety of patient scenarios as the postbac program students role-play following detailed scripts, and respond as a patient would to requests for information from the medical students. The key focus for our medical students is to improve their critical clinical reasoning. Medical postbac program students will be exposed to the differential diagnosis process that is taught to the medical students, giving them a clear picture of the training and expertise required to be a successful physician.

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