Post-Baccalaureate Program Proposed Schedule
for 2024-2025

The Medical Postbac Program is offered twice a year, in July and January. For each of these two classes, the program entails 12 months of preparation to apply to medical school, divided into two sections:

The first section comprises 16 preparatory weeks of intense and immersed in-person activities. The second section consists of approximately 36 weeks for periodic advising through virtual meetings with the program's leadership.

The First Section involves:

  • Personal Development.
  • MCAT Preparation.
  • Independent Study (1 Credit).
  • Community Service.
  • Standardized Patients.
  • Research Initiative (students with no Research experience).
  • Networking – connection with medical students and faculty.

The Second Section involves:

  • Review applications to medical schools.
  • Review personal statements.
  • Review secondaries.
  • Provide updated Committee Letter of Recommendation.
  • Identify the most suitable medical schools to apply.
  • Practice additional mock interviews.
  • Regular follow-up meetings.
  • Continuous networking with Medical Postbac Program alumni.
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