Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program Coursework

The courses in the Medical Postbac Program are the same as those taught at the Schmidt College of Medicine.

PCB 6238 Problem-based Immunology (Auditing)

In this course, the examination of cases of patients with genetic defects in the immune system, complex immune diseases, immune-mediated hypersensitivity reactions, and autoimmune or alloimmune diseases is supplemented by lectures focusing on core concepts in immunology. As preparatory content to medical school, this course aims to supply students who wish to pursue careers in medical professions with an up-to-date understanding of the basic science of immunology and how that science applies to the realities of patient care.

BMS 6303 Clinical Microbiology (Auditing)

In this preparatory course to medical school, students learn the relevant facts and principles underlying bacteria, parasites, pathogenicity and host resistance. Armed with this fundamental information, students will then be capable of understanding and utilizing contemporary modes of treatment and prevention.

BMS 6102C Integrated Morphology 1 (AUDITING)

In this preparatory to medical school course, students will learn the integrated morphology that includes the human body's developmental, microscopic, and gross anatomy. Areas of the body included are the back and extremities, thorax, abdomen, perineum, and head and neck. Initially, early development and the basic tissue types are discussed. Following this introductory material, all the development and microscopic structure of the body systems are taught. While this course has no formal dissection, students will visit the gross anatomy lab to review cadavers.

GMS 6513 Pharmacology (Auditing)

This preparatory course to medical school introduces the study of the properties, effects and therapeutic value of the primary agents in major drug categories. Topics include cholinergic drugs, adrenergic drugs, hormones, diuretics, cardiovascular agents, respiratory drugs and gastrointestinal agents.

Direct Independent Study
PCB 6905 Independent Study - (1 credit)

This course prepares students to master test-taking techniques and clinical reasoning, and provides subject review of Biochemistry Primer, Chemical & Physical Foundations Primer, and Psychology/Sociology Primer for MCAT test.

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