Advanced Research Opportunities

Research Paper, Abstract or Poster

Introducing medical postbac program students to the world of clinical research will aid in better understanding the fundamental elements of evidence-based medicine and its impact on patient care. Our research partners, who represent the premier world-class research institutes, offer a group of seasoned clinical researchers and mentors who provide a vast field of research opportunities at their institutions. The research focus can broadly be divided into those projects with emphasis on basic mechanisms of disease usually performed at the lab, and those that relate to direct patient care. An example of the former is the Cancer metabolism-based strategy towards new anti-tumor agents and an example of the latter is cutting-edge imaging technologies and expertise in the fields of electron microscopy, confocal, two-photon and super-resolution microscopy. Students will participate only in studies initiated by our research partners Principal Investigators (PIs). They will be expected to collect and analyze data and crystallize the results in the form of an abstract or poster, which will be submitted to internal research competitions.

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