Applying to Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program

Admissions - Selection Process

To apply to the Medical Postbac Program:

  1. Complete the Medical Postbac application utilizing the PostbacCAS portal
  2. Completion of virtual interview – by invitation to selected applicants

The Admissions Committee will review applications and conduct virtual interviews to complete the decision process by selecting the appropriate students for the program. The committee is comprised of the teaching staff for the Postbac Program.

Application Timeline (2024-2025)

Fall 2024 Class
Application Period

August 10, 2023 - June, 30, 2024

Program Requirements

  • Be a U.S Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Hold a B.S. or B.A degree from an accredited educational institution in the United States or Canada.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in the sciences and cumulatively.
  • MCAT score of 493 or above. 
  • Students with a GPA above 3.5 score without MCAT may be eligible for an interview at the discretion of the admission committee.

The courses required for admission to the Medical Postbac Program are:

Courses Semesters Quarters
English* 2 3
Inorganic Chemistry + Labs 2 3
Organic Chemistry + Labs** 2 3
Physics + Labs 2 3
Biology/Zoology + Labs 2 3
Mathematics 2 3
Additional Science*** 2 3

*The English requirement may be satisfied by literature courses or writing courses.
**One semester of biochemistry may be substituted for the second semester of organic chemistry.
***Additional courses in the natural sciences, mathematics, or social sciences may suffice.

Complete the FAU Post BAC Admissions Application

Step 1:

The FAU Medical Postbac Program admissions application must be completed online through the PostbacCAS enrollment portal.

Step 2:

Please note that a $50.00 application fee for the Postbac Program must be paid through the PostbacCAS portal. The application will be processed once the fee is paid.

Step 3:

After the interview and upon receipt of the acceptance letter, you must complete the FAU graduate non-degree application and submit the Florida residency and immunization forms as described at .

Additional Information
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