Meet FAU's Mascot, Owlsley!

Owlsley and Hoot are the Florida Atlantic University Owls’ biggest fans! You can spot these rambunctious owls at most home games and special events across campus. Do not hesitate to ask for a photo or autograph when you see them around campus. Owlsley and Hoot love to interact and meet other FAU fans!

For more information regarding the Florida Atlantic University Mascots, please contact:

Richard Mahler
Assistant Director, Student Activities & Involvement


Owlsley Bio

In fall of 2011, Owlsley emerged from the Tortuga Trail and gazed upon the beauty of the newly constructed FAU Stadium. The smell of fresh cut Bermuda grass and thunderous chorus of FAU’s alma mater captivated the young Burrowing Owl. The next day, Owlsley enrolled for courses and has been the Owls number one fan ever since.

Tough, bold, courageous, competitive, and mischievous, Owlsley can be found cheering on the Owls during most home games and sneaking into special events across campus. Pastimes include crashing weddings, listening to Hooty and the Blowfish, binging reruns of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhoot, and roasting other mascots on Instagram.

Hoot Bio

Walking through the FAU Preserve, Owlsley met a Gopher Tortoise who spun a tale of an adventurous baby Burrowing Owl. It was said that this Owl could fly right after hatching, fought off a Golden Panther, and raced a rabbit on a big wheel. Upon hearing this story, Owlsley knew it was imperative to find this fun loving Owl. Looking high and low, Owlsley soon tripped over a small burrow and Hoot emerged. They talked for hours like old friends about life, love, and FAU. After that, the two were inseparable.

Fun, creative, and spirited, Hoot can be found at most home games, events, and hanging out with Owlsley. Pastimes include jamming to “Owl Always Love You” between classes, watching Horton Hears a Hoot, and still trying to figure out Owl-Gebra.

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