FAU Academic Research Community Garden



FAU recognizes academic research community gardens as providing valuable educational opportunities that contribute to developing a sense of community, environmental awareness, civic engagement and sustainable living. FAU will collaborate with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and invited community partners in the development of academic research community gardens on its various campuses, which will serve as living-learning laboratories and become part of an integrated and sustainable landscape for the university.

A Faculty Gardener oversees the operations and management of the FAU Academic Research Community Garden. The Garden’s primary function is to serve in the capacity of academic research and academic service-learning. At the discretion of the Faculty Gardener and based on availability, plots may be available to users for garden academic research activities. For those interested in a plot, a request may be submitted to the Faculty Gardner at dowen@fau.edu for review and approval.

For the Academic Research Community Garden Program Guidelines, click here.

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 Last Modified 1/26/17