With the new semester and the new normal, we have provided some recommendations to help be successful in your in courses:


  • For students with financial need, have them learn about and request for an equipment loan through the library's Laptop Computer Loan Policy. Requests are made through Financial Aid by emailing
  • Students who only need a webcam, can request one through the Library by emailing
  • Encourage students to utilize the Lib2Go remote resources from the FAU Libraries.
  • For faculty, remote library resources and services can be found on the Library's Faculty Resource page.
  • Leave recorded lectures up throughout the term since many students do not have the ability to save a recording due to their device limitations.
  • Communicate with students through an e-mail and the course syllabus prior to the start of classes to let them know the tech required and the proctoring protocol.
  • Regardless of your methodology or approach, recorded live lectures with students (in which their name, voice, and/or video is used) should not be downloaded or reused in any other course, section, or semester or shared with anyone outside of those registered for that particular course. Doing so, is a violation of student privacy and FERPA regulations.


Online Exams

Refer students to the Keep Learning - Online Proctoring page for requirements and assistance.

Access to Applications

For students who need access to software tools such as AutoDesk, please refer them to the Keep Learning - Learning Tools page.

Access to the Internet

Refer students to the Keep Learning - Internet Access (WiFi) page for options.

If none of the options are available, they can request a hotspot from the library, but these are very limited due to availability from the carriers at this time. Requests must be made through Financial Aid by emailing