Teaching Strategies

As we continue to navigate this new environment, we encourage all faculty make a plan for what is, and what has yet, to happen.

Ask yourself...

  • What method or methods of online delivery would be appropriate/feasible?
    • Appropriate methods depend on your familiarity with available tools and the information you need to deliver (lectures, slides, exams).
  • Is the course content amenable to online delivery for some period of time via the Canvas learning management system? If not, what can I do now to prepare?
  • What training or support do I need to successfully switch to some form of “online delivery” mode?
  • How can assessments be carried out electronically?
    • You can use Assignments in Canvas to collect student assignments, and you can use Canvas Quizzes to deploy quizzes, tests, or polls to students.



  • Reach out to your students about changes in schedules and other disruptions.
  • Use Canvas, email, and other forms of digital communication to safely give your students updates often.
  • Setup virtual office hours so your students will have reliable hours in which to contact you.



  • Consider ways to help students continue work even if they cannot come to class by reviewing your course outcomes and assignments.
  • Consider adding plans to your syllabus for proceeding with teaching during an unanticipated event that disrupts planned course meetings. Even if you don't specify plans, explain on the syllabus how you would inform students if you need to make unanticipated changes in the course.
  • Publish your Canvas course in advance of an event.
  • Be prepared to answer student inquiries about making up work. There may be many student requests for special accommodations, so have plans in place for alternative assignments that will treat all students equitably and be feasible in the face of large numbers of requests.
  • Encourage students to find a "class buddy" to assist with missed class notes or assignments. The buddy could also call an absent student during class, so that student could listen to the lecture via cell phone.
  • Visit the Virtual Teaching and Learning page to learn about the technology available to you for alternative course delivery.


For even more tips and strategies, please read the Plan Ahead article linked below.