Web Proctoring

There are various methods to help deliver online exams in a secure environment. The first requirement is proper hardware. Then, to choose the best software for your class.

Hardware Options

Below we have listed different scenarios for possible hardware options. We know not everyone will have all the necessary equipment and have provided work around options for these cases.

  1. Option 1: Student has a supported device, such as a laptop, desktop computer, or webcam. However, tablets are not supported for proctoring.

  3. Option 2: Smartphone used as webcam through device.

  5. Option 3: Student does not have a supported device, which runs the proctoring software, but they have a webcam.
    • Testing & Evaluation will assist with proctoring those students on WebEx who do not possess the technological tools to test effectively.
      Note: The Testing Center is currently closed for in person testing at the Boca Raton and Davie Campus. However, we can administer WebEx testing for students that have challenges due Chromebook incompatibility and still possess a webcam, faculty can send an email to fautesting@fau.edu for assistance with remote proctoring for their students through WebEx.


  6. Option 4: Student goes to the open labs on either Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, or Jupiter campuses. Card swipe required to access the labs.

  8. Option 5: Student does not have equipment.


Software Options

Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor

Available to all faculty at FAU. This Canvas integrated software works like a browser that is made just for online testing. Can be used for any number of quiz-type assignments per course.

Read the document below for full details on installing, using, and getting assistance.


Share this document with your students to help guide them through installing and using.



Requires department licenses for use. This is another Canvas integrated software. Can be used for up to two (2) quiz-type assignments per course. Honorlock Student Privacy Statement

Read the document provided below for full details on installing, using, and assistance.


Alternatives to Proctoring

Sometimes your students are unable to use traditional or online proctoring solutions due to a lack of a webcam. In these instances, alternative assessment strategies can be a strong solution.

The document below contains many assessment strategies within Canvas for both high and low enrollment courses.


Students needing Special Accessiblity

Student Accessabilty Services (SAS) has create step-by-step guides for faculty to reference in meeting the needs of our students. Please contact SAS if you have any questions, they are available from 8 AM- 5 PM Monday-Friday.

Read the document below for full details on installing, using, and getting assistance.