Internet Access (WiFi)

Reliable, high-speed internet connection may be difficult in some areas. Luckily, several providers making their network available to anyone who needs them for free.


AT&T is providing access to Public Hotspots at no charge Look for “att-wifi” or “attwifi” from your list of available wireless networks.


Xfinity is providing access to Xfinity Public Hotspots at no charge. Look for the "xfinitywifi" option to appear on your Wi-Fi list.


Eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide roaming service for users in higher education. Wherever you see 'eduroam' appear in your list of Wi-Fi networks, you can get online with your FAU email and FAU password.

FCC Emergency Broadband Program

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that aims to provide subsidies for students struggling to pay for internet amid the pandemic. The program will allow eligible households — which include those with a Pell Grant recipient or that have experienced significant income loss since February 2020 — to receive substantially subsidized broadband service ($50 monthly subsidy for most, $75 monthly subsidy for those on tribal lands) and devices ($100 one-time subsidy for a device).