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Privacy and Recording Live Lectures

Regardless of your methodology or approach, recorded live lectures with students (in which their name, voice, and/or video is used) should not be downloaded or reused in any other course, section, or semester or shared with anyone outside of those registered for that particular course. Doing so, is a violation of student privacy and FERPA regulations.

Stipend and Assistance for Remote Courses

View the Course Build Stipend section for more information.

[Resolved] Forms Server Offline | 09/18/2021

09/18/2021 10:00 PM: The University forms server (Frevvo) has been restored to service. Form developers, please check your emails for more details. 09/18/2021 08:20 PM: The University forms server (Frevvo) has experienced an error and is currently offline. We have

Here are key tips and resources to help you make the shift to teaching online.

What you can do now


Best Practices

  • Familiarize yourself with Canvas and WebEx and make sure you can access these resources on your devices (laptop, tablet, desktop computer, etc).
  • Communicate often with your students and colleagues.
  • Expect ongoing changes, and be patient with your students – and with yourself – as we all adjust to a new learning environment.
  • Be Cyber Aware and visit our Online Security Basics.
  • You can access more great tips by visiting our Helpdesk Article


Basic Tech Requirements

Hardware and Internet



For a complete list of devices and their software capabilities, please refer to the document below.