Job Categories

Below you will find the definition of each job category at FAU:

Professional level, exempt status positions which are paid a bi-weekly salary over 26.1 pay periods. The minimum AMP classification is at a paraprofessional level, and the highest AMP classification is at an upper administration level. Pay grades identify the salary range for each position.
Non-exempt general support staff positions such as clerical, technical, skilled and unskilled trades. These positions are paid an hourly rate, which is then paid on a bi-weekly basis over 26.1 pay periods. Each classification has a defined pay grade and associated pay range.
Full- and part-time appointments with responsibilities in instruction, research, scholarship, creative activity, academic administration, and service to the department, college, university, profession and community.
A professor employed for a specific length of time. These positions are often part-time.
Unestablished, time-limited positions that are paid from OPS funds. Temporary positions are not usually eligible for benefits and retirement; however, they may be eligible for health insurance coverage depending on the average hours worked per week. They provide full- or part-time employment in an exempt or non-exempt employment situation based on job duties and salary in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Temporary positions do not have layoff rights and may be terminated without prior notice.
Positions for qualified FAU students who work for the University in a temporary capacity and whose primary purpose for being at the University is the achievement of a degree or certification.

 Last Modified 3/30/18