After Graduation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

As an F-1 student, you will need to decide your plans after graduation.

Here are some options that you can consider. Please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your options.

Graduation Requirements:

For your graduation requirements, please reach out to your academic advisor to make sure that they have a graduation application for you on file, as well as graduation ceremony application. For more information about graduation and commencement requirements please visit:

For graduation letter(s) please complete the following form: Graduation Letter Request so our office can issue a letter(s) to invite your family and friends. This letter can help during the application of a tourist/visitor’s visa. Please note that there are certain guidelines in regards to number of people who can be included in this letter, please email if you have any questions about this process.

Updating your I-20 after graduation:

For immigration purposes, we need to know if this is your last semester of study so we can update your Sevis record.

In some cases we need to shorten the I-20 and mark in SEVIS that the student graduated.

If you decide to pursue another degree at FAU, please contact our office so we can update your Sevis record, and issue you a new I-20 for change of level (ex: bachelors to masters) or same degree level, but with a different major (ex: 2nd bachelors).

If you decide to pursue another degree NOT at FAU, please contact your new school’s international services office, and contact FAU international services to have your SEVIS record transfered out. You will need to submit your SEVIS transfer form and acceptance letter before your program ends, during your grace period, or during your OPT if you decide to do OPT in between your studies.

Applying for employment after graduation (OPT: Optional Practical Training):

In regards to employment after graduation, this is called OPT. If you are interested in applying for OPT you need to apply as soon as possible: We recommend you to start your OPT application at the beginning of the term that you are graduating since current processing time is 3-5 months. For more information visit Optional Practical Training website.
 Last Modified 2/12/20