FAU Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute Engages Internationally

by Bethany Alex | Friday, Jul 01, 2022
SPAIN:   Lucia Carvelli, Ph.D. , associate professor of neuroscience, recently spoke at  Gordon Research Conference's 2022 Membrane Transport Proteins , " Biomedical Transporters: Physiology, Dysfunction and Targets of Pharmacotherapy" conference in Barcelona, Spain. Carvelli's presented, "Remembering the Past to Prepare for the Future: the Long-Term and Inherited Effects of Amphetamine at the Monoamine Transporters."
DENMARK:   Randy Blakely, Ph.D. , executive director, was a keynote speaker at the  2nd International Transmembrane Transporter Society (ITTS) Meeting , “Catching Transport in Motion,”  in Copenhagen, Denmark. Blakely's presentation was titled, "Presynaptic Choline Transporters: From Gene to Mouse to Disease.” Additionally,  Felix P. Mayer, Ph.D.,  postdoctoral fellow, gave a presentation titled, "Dopamine Transporters Out of Control: Disrupted Regulation of Dopamine Clearance and a Potential Remedy via Manipulation of Opioid Signaling."
CANADA:   Mayer  also joined  Adele Stewart, Ph.D., research assistant professor of biomedical science, at the first  Dopamine Society  meeting,  Dopamine 2022, that took place in Montreal.  Mayer  presented "Sex and the Circuitry: Dopamine Transporter Regulation In Vivo."  Stewart  presented on both "Guys and Dolls: Sex Effects in Dopamine Genetics, Circuits and Drug Action," and "Sexually Dimorphic Dopamine Signaling Dictates the Penetrance and Behavioral Trajectory of Human Dopamine Transporter Coding Variation."