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The FAU Integrative Biology – Neuroscience (IBNS) PhD program is a joint program of the Colleges of Science and Medicine with the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI), the first U.S. institute of the world-renowned Max Planck Society. IBNS students may also pursue doctoral study with faculty at The Scripps Research Institute. The IBNS Ph.D. program offers students a curriculum, research resources and mentors suited to the study of molecular, cell and systems neuroscience. IBNS students explore cutting-edge questions in neuroscience through the use of multidisciplinary approaches, the use of leading invertebrate and vertebrate model systems, and with access to a suite of cuttingedge molecular, optical and physiological recording technologies. Learn more at:

Rindy Anderson, Ph.D. Communication, cognition, sexual selection, behavioral ecology Watch Faculty Vignette
Randy D. Blakely, Ph.D. Synaptic Genetics, Neurochemistry and Pharmacology; Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Transporter Proteins and Psychoactive Drugs Watch Faculty Vignette
M. McLean Bolton, Ph.D Disorders of neural circuit function Watch Faculty Vignette
Steven Bressler, Ph.D. Cognitive Neurodynamics: Investigation of cognitive processing through analysis of the large-scale dynamics of activity in the cerebral cortex using fMRI, EEG, MEG, and LFP data. Watch Faculty Vignette
Lucia Carvelli, Ph.D. Explores novel ion channels as targets for amphetamines and the ability of psychostimulants to exert multi-generational effects. Watch Faculty Vignette
Jason Christie, Ph.D Mechanisms of synaptic signaling and computation Watch Faculty Vignette
Ronald L. Davis, Ph.D. Molecular and cellular basis for learning; diseases that affect learning and memory Coming soon.
Erik Duboué, Ph.D. Effects of early stress on brain circuitry and function and the etiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Watch Faculty Vignette
Gregg B. Fields, Ph.D. Extracellular matrix biochemistry, synthetic protein design and construction Watch Faculty Vignette
David Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. Functional organization and development of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, neural basis of visual perception Watch Faculty Vignette
Tanja Godenschwege, Ph.D. Molecular and cellular neuroscience, neurodevelopment, cellular basis of neurological disorders and drug discovery Watch Faculty Vignette
Brock Grill, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of nervous system development Coming soon.
Kathleen Guthrie, Ph.D. Neural stem cells, adult neurogenesis and factors that affect survival and integration of new neurons; Activity-dependent remodeling of olfactory-limbic circuits; Neurotrophic factor effects on neuron morphology Watch Faculty Vignette
Ceylan Isgor, Ph.D. Neuromorphological, behavioral and molecular consequences of chronic, variable stress during peripubertal-juvenile period in rats Watch Faculty Vignette
William Ja, Ph.D. Molecular genetics of aging, behavior and disease Coming soon.
Kailiang Jia, Ph.D. Molecular regulation of aging Watch Faculty Vignette
Gregory Macleod, Ph.D. Mitochondrial support of neurotransmission, pH influences on synaptic plasticity, neurotransmission and aging Watch Faculty Vignette
Kirill Martemyanov, Ph.D. Striatal signaling and drug addiction, G protein signal transduction pathways, molecular mechanisms of vision Coming soon.
Courtney Miller, Ph.D. Neurobiological underpinnings of memory disorders, with the goal of developing novel therapeutics Coming soon.
Sarah L. Milton, Ph.D. Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiology Watch Faculty Vignette
Rodney Murphey, Ph.D. Development and degeneration of synapses Watch Faculty Vignette
Sathyanarayanan Puthanveettil, Ph.D. Molecular and cellular basis of long-term memory storage and its disorders Coming soon.
Gavin Rumbaugh, Ph.D. How synaptic proteins actively contribute to memory formation and storage Coming soon.
Wen Shen, Ph.D. Neurophysiology, receptor pharmacology, synapsis, glutamate toxicity Watch Faculty Vignette
Robert Stackman,Ph.D. Behavioral Neuroscience, Learning and memory Watch Faculty Vignette
Hiroki Taniguchi, Ph.D. Development and function of inhibitory neural circuits Watch Faculty Vignette
Rui Tao, D.V.M., Ph.D. Neural circuits affected by drug abuse, Psychostimulant-induced hallucinations, Environmental factor-dependent effects of psychostimulants Coming soon.
Lawrence Toll, Ph.D. Neuropharmacology of opioid and nicotinic receptors with respect to pain and drug abuse Watch Faculty Vignette
Seth Tomchik, Ph.D. Neuromodulation of memory circuits, neuronal circuits and behavior, imaging brain function in health and disease Coming soon.
Henriette van Praag, Ph.D. Regulation and function of adult hippocampal neurogenesis Coming soon.
Robert Vertes, Ph.D. Behavioral neuroscience, functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain and neurophysiology of sleep Coming soon.
Yingxue Wang, Ph.D. Neuronal Mechanisms of Episodic Memory Coming soon.
Jianning Wei, Ph.D. Neurodegenerative disorders Coming soon.
Herbert Weissbach, Ph.D. Effect of oxidative stress on normal and cancer cells Coming soon.
Jang-Yen Wu, Ph.D. Neurotransmission and brain disorders Coming soon.
Baoji Xu, Ph.D. How neural circuits are formed, modified, and maintained in the brain Coming soon.
Ryohei Yasuda, Ph.D. Neuronal signal transduction Watch Faculty Vignette

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