Experimental Psychology

Program Overview

The Experimental Psychology PhD program has a strong scientific emphasis that encompasses traditional areas of psychology including cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, personality and social psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. The Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program maintains close ties to the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, allowing for a blend of behavioral and computational neuroscience. The program is supported by modern research facilities and technologies, including tools for animal and human brain physiological recording and imaging. Learn more at: www.psy.fau.edu
Gizelle Anzures, Ph.D. Developmental neuroscience, development of visual and social cognition, functional brain development Watch Faculty Vignette
Elan Barenholtz, Ph.D. Behavioral and computational approaches to perception, learning, and decision making using embedded deep neural networks and robotic models of behavior Watch Faculty Vignette
Steven L. Bressler, Ph.D. Neurocognitive networks: understanding large-scale cognitive networks by functional connectivity analysis of EEG, MEG, LFP, ECoG, and fMRI Watch Faculty Vignette
Sang Wook Hong, Ph.D. Color vision, visual awareness, motion perception Watch Faculty Vignette
Nancy Aaron Jones, Ph.D. Developmental, behavioral neuroscience Watch Faculty Vignette
J.A. Scott Kelso, Ph.D. Cognitive and behavioral functions, including motor control, motor development, speech production, learning, perception, social coordination and human-machine interactions. Watch Faculty Vignette
Monica Rosselli, Ph.D. Neuropsychology Coming soon.
Summer Sheremata, Ph.D. Cognitive neuroscience Watch Faculty Vignette
Robert W. Stackman, Jr., Ph.D. Behavioral neuroscience, learning and memory Watch Faculty Vignette
Carmen Varela, Ph.D. Memory, learning, problem solving, thalamic circuits, systems neuroscience, cognitive function Watch Faculty Vignette
Robert Vertes, Ph.D. Behavioral neuroscience, functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain and neurophysiology of sleep Coming soon.
Teresa Wilcox, Ph.D. Infant perception and cognition; functional organization of the infant brain; early knowledge of mechanical and social entities Coming soon.

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