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Virtual Resources for Educators, Students, and Neuro-explorers of All Ages!

ASCEND Podcast- Brain Bites

The bite-sized neuroscience podcast aimed to inform you about the neuroscience world in short, digestible episodes.

Brain Bites Episode 1:
Comparing Brain Sizes

In this episode, we talk about brain sizes across the animal kingdom and how size affects intelligence. Is bigger always better?

Brain Bites Episode 3:
Senses Part 1

In this episode, Melissa and Danny talk all about your physical senses such as Sight, Touch and Hearing!

Brain Bites Episode 4:
Senses Part 2

Melissa and Danny talk all about the physical senses, like touch and sight! Learn some cool neuroscience by tuning in!

Brain Bites Episode 5:

Melissa and Danny get spooky as they talk about the neuroscience of halloween!! Zombies, brains and fight or flight!! It is all here!

Brain Bites Episode 6:

Melissa and Danny learn all about the wonders of Thanksgiving has to offer! From tryptophan to graditude we cover it all!

Brain Bites Episode 7:
Memories....and Flies??

Melissa and Danny delve into how memories are created and how neuroscientists use flies to decipher how they are created!

How Does My Brain Work?

Fun, educational videos to pique your curiosity for neuroscience.

How Does My Brain Work?
Episode 1: Energy

Your brain is a power hungry organ! Check out how it gets all of its energy!

How Does My Brain Work?
Episode 2: Getting Sick

Did you know your immune system talks to your brain? Check out how it does that here!!

How Does My Brain Work?
Episode 3: Model Systems

Neuroscientists use model systems to study the brain. Learn what a model system is, what makes a good model system, and what neuroscience has been learned from model systems!

Lab Bench Lessons

Directly from the lab bench, scientists bring you short, fun lessons with downloadable, hands-on activities to spark your interest in neuroscience!

Light-Up Neuron: Neuron Structure and Electricity

Create a light up neuron to learn about how electricity flows throughout the neuron!

The Sense of Touch: Two-Point Discrimination

Two Point Discrimination Test to measure the sensitivity of your sensory neurons in your skin!

Virtual Reality

Fruit Fly Giant Neuron

Learn why scientists use the fruit fly to study neuroscience and take a closer look at a 3D structure of a fruit fly neuron!

3D Neuron

View online or use virtual reality goggles to see the 3D structure of the fruit fly's giant neuron!

Brain Games

Test your brain power with brain games developed by FAU Brain Institute researchers!