WARC is responsible for assisting student and non-student new hires with the onboarding process, as well as obtaining all required work authorization documents (ID) within 3 days of their hire date in order to meet the federal regulation guidelines for I-9 compliance. Remote hires must contact us at hres@fau.edu to receive directives on alternative ways to provide the documents within the 3 day deadline.

Workday Job Aids:

Non-Student Onboarding

Student Onboarding

Onboarding FAQS…

  • I am having trouble logging in to Workday, what should I do?

    • All login issues are handled by the OIT HELP DESK. Please contact them at 561-297-3999
  • When will I get the email for onboarding?

    • Once the hiring process has been completed (you can check with the hiring manager on the status), the system will generate the “Welcome “ email to you which will include your temporary login information.
  • What is a Z-number?

    • A Z-number is a unique 8 digit identifier (Z12345678) assigned to each FAU employee and student. All new hires will start out with a 7 digit temporary Workday (WD) number (WD1234567) which will automatically be converted to a permanent Z# once onboarding has been completed.
  • How do I know when my Onboarding is successfully completed?

    • Onboarding is complete once all tasks in an employee’s Workday inbox are completed. The last item in your inbox will be the I-9 document notification task, once that has been submitted, the process is complete.
  • Can I upload my I-9 documents into Workday?

    • I-9 documents need to be presented to Human Resources or a partner campus liaison within 3 days of hire. We ask that you present these original documents when you attend orientation, or to a partner campus liaison if you will not be attending orientation (orientation is mandatory for all AMP,SP & Faculty employees). If you are a remote hire, please contact WARC at 561-297-2422 for alternate options.
  • How do I know what documents to bring for I-9?

Our Team

Christine Smith, Associate Director, WARC & Recruitment Services

Adriana Chow-Ellison, Manager,Workforce Administration & Records Control

Michael Sanderson, WARC Representative and Student Employment Specialist

TBD, WARC, Onboarding Specialist

Department's email : hres@fau.edu
Fax Number: 561-297-3915

 Last Modified 3/14/19