The Wilkes Honors College: An Outstanding Value

Outstanding Value

The Wilkes Honors College provides a top quality liberal arts and science education from outstanding faculty with class size averaging 15, but at a small fraction of the cost of private liberal arts education. Because it is part of a state-university system, tuition is low.

Below is a comparison of costs for a typical Wilkes Honors College student and costs at a private university. Private universities may offer you a larger scholarship, but their costs are much higher, leaving you with a cost over four years that can be four to five times greater than the cost of attending the Wilkes Honors College.

Yearly Cost of Attendance

(Sample Comparison Chart)*

Item Out-of-State Private University Wilkes Honors College
Tuition $50,000 $5,488
Housing/Dining (single bedroom and 7-day meal plan) $14,500 $12,872
Total, Tuition + Room & Board** $64,500 $18,360
Academic Scholarship $10,000 $3,000
Financial Aid (need-based)*** $12,000 $3,500
Florida Awards (Bright Futures or FRAG) $0 $6,640
Total, Financial Resources $22,000 $13,140
Net Cost Per Year $42,500 $5,220
Total Cost for 4 Years $170,000 $20,880

* Based on 2020-2021 estimated costs.
** Does not include other costs such as books, fees, travel and personal expenses.
*** This may include grants, loans, work study. Make sure you understand what portion of your award consists of loans that you need to pay back. Financial aid awards will vary. Some Honors College students who are eligible for federal aid and grants may receive a substantially larger award than $3,500.