Policy on Recording in Class

The Honors College of FAU prohibits the audio and/or video recording of class lectures and discussions without the express permission of the instructor. Students who record class lectures or discussions without express permission may be subject to disciplinary action under the FAU Student Code of Conduct, Regulation 4.007; the FAU Code of Academic Integrity, Regulation 4.001; or the Honors College Honor Code.

Unless otherwise expressly permitted by the instructor, permission to record class lectures or discussions applied exclusively to the individual student who receives such permission from the instructor whose class is to be recorded. In no case shall recording occur without notice to all students in the class that the lecture and discussions may be recorded. The recording may not be replicated, accessed, utilized by, or made available to any other student or individual without the permission of the instructor.

Students who request recording of class lectures or discussions under the Americans with Disabilities Act must contact the Student Accessiblity Services (SAS) to obtain such permission or accommodation, and must otherwise comply with the requirements of SAS. Information for the SAS is available at http://www.fau.edu/sas/.

This policy remains subject to existing policies, procedures, and regulations of FAU, all of which shall continue to apply. This policy is not intended to address recordings or videos taken by faculty or FAU officials.