Population Behavior

Wildlife Evolution and Behavior (WEB)


WEB mission

To conduct scientific research on marine apex predators that contributes to our understanding of their ecology, behavior and evolution, and assists in the effective management of these species and conservation of their habitats

To focus on comparative studies in Polar, Temperate and Tropical systems

To focus on long-term population studies of marked individuals that enable us to:

  • Investigate individual fitness in changing ecosystems
  • Determine the ecological and adaptive significance of marine mammal behaviors
  • Identify management units, assess risk and estimate population viability

To use marine top predators, including marine mammals, as platforms for ocean observing and exploration

To develop and apply an array of research techniques and tools that will facilitate the integration of research on upper trophic levels with ecosystem-wide studies; methods include: molecular genetics, photo-ID, telemetry, acoustics

To develop a research environment that promotes the highest standards of graduate and postdoctoral research, emphasizes publication and promotes collaborations with other research groups/partners

To develop educational tools that provides up to date information on, and promotes interest in, research and conservation issues relating to marine mammals and other apex predators to undergraduate, high school and elementary school students

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