Marine Finfish Aquaculture Workshop Survey

The Marine Fish Aquaculture Scoping Workshop participants from aquaculture organizations, academia and agencies developed this survey. This workshop was co-hosted by FAU HBOI, USDA-ARS and NOAA in March 2017 at HBOI.

Thank you for participating in the Marine Finfish Aquaculture Workshop survey. The goal of the survey is to compile general knowledge of 18 food fish species in order to choose the best options for domestic expansion of non-salmonid marine finfish aquaculture in the United States. The survey results will be compiled into a report that will be made available electronically through many sources. These results will assist aquaculture funding agencies and sponsors, researchers, and corporations with knowledge to expand onshore and offshore aquaculture ventures that will reduce the seafood trade deficit and stimulate economic growth of U.S. aquaculture.

Please complete a survey for each fish species you feel sufficiently knowledgeable about. For example, if you have knowledge to share for four species, you will need to complete the survey four times. Each species’ survey has 78 questions and will take you about 15 minutes to complete. The survey questions with the square check boxes indicate that you can “check all that apply”.

This survey is now closed - thank you for your interest. 

For questions regarding the survey, contact Megan Davis [].

Click the species name to access its survey:

  1. Almaco Jack - Seriola rivoliana
  2. Atlantic Cod - Gadus morhua
  3. California Flounder / California Halibut - Paralichthys californicus
  4. California Yellowtail - Seriola lalandi (formerly S. dorsalis)
  5. Cobia - Rachycentron canadum
  6. Florida Pompano - Trachinotus carolinus
  7. Greater Amberjack - Seriola dumerili
  8. Olive Flounder / Japanese halibut - Paralichthys olivaceus
  9. Red Drum - Sciaenops ocellatus
  10. Sablefish - Anoplopoma fimbria
  11. Southern Flounder - Paralichthys lethostigma
  12. Spotted Seatrout - Cynoscion nebulosus
  13. Spotted Wolffish - Anarhichas minor
  14. Striped Bass - Morone saxatilis
  15. Summer Flounder - Paralichthys dentatus
  16. Tripletail - Lobotes surinamensis
  17. White Seabass - Atractoscion nobilis
  18. Black Sea Bass -  Centropristis striata