FAQ Students

Throughout this document, the term graduate assistant(s) is used generically to represent a graduate student who is receiving tuition benefits related to employment as a graduate research assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate assistant.

What is a graduate assistantship?

How do students obtain graduate assistantships?

What is a graduate assistantship stipend?

In addition to the stipend, what benefits does a graduate assistantship include?

How do students receive their tuition waivers?

What is a Plan of Study?

Do all courses have to be listed on the student’s Plan of Study to receive a tuition waiver?

What is the maximum number of hours students can work as graduate assistants?

Does the tuition waiver cover courses needed to remove deficiencies?

What happens if students need to make changes to the Plan of Study after it has been submitted and approved?

What happens if students resign or terminate their assistantships prior to the end of the semester?

If students are admitted as non-degree seeking, can they receive a graduate assistantship?

Can students enroll in courses that are not required for the degree to satisfy financial aid enrollment requirements?

Will the tuition waiver impact the amount of financial aid students can receive?

Will a reduced enrollment status impact a student’s financial aid and/or qualification for health insurance?

 Last Modified 8/13/18