April 2, 2008

Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
  Reviewers by College: (CAUPA, Nursing)      
ANG 6920
Proposal Form
Anthropology Professional Development Course A and L 1 New
CST 7950
Proposal Form
Ph.D Colloquium A and L 1 New
MUG 6306
Proposal Form
Applied Graduate Orchestral Conducting A and L 1-2 New
  Reviewers by College: (Library, Science)      
PAD 6136
Proposal Form
Decision-Making in the Public Sector CAUPA 3 New
PAD 6316
Proposal Form
Strategic Planning in the Public Sector CAUPA 3 New
PAD 6727
Proposal Form
Survey Research in the Public Sector CAUPA 3 New
PAD 6729
Proposal Form
Images of Public Administration in Literature, Popular Culture and Film CAUPA 3 New
  Reviewers by College: (A & L, CAUPA)      
MHS 7942
Proposal Form
Advanced Practicum in Counselor Education Education 3 New
  Reviewers by College: (Biomedical Science, Engineering)      
NGR 6723
Proposal Form
Advanced Nursing Situations: Health Care Delivery Systems Nursing 3 Change
MAA 5229 Introductory Analysis 2 Science N/A Change
MAS 5312 Introductory Abstract Algebra 2 Science N/A New

In keeping aligned with the UFS Steering and UFS meetings dates, we have attempted to schedule the Graduate Programs Committee meetings around their meetings. All meetings will be held from 1:30 - 3:30pm on Wednesdays in SU 132 unless otherwise indicated.

UGPC UFS Steering Committee UFS
March 12, 2008 March 18, 2008 March 28, 2008
*April 2, 2008 April 15, 2008 April 25, 2008

*Tentative Dates

 Last Modified 11/8/16