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Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes

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  1. Residency for tuition purposes
  2. What are the Basic Requirements for Florida Residency?
  3. How do I determine if I'm a dependent student or an independent student?
  4. How do I prove financial independence?
  5. Who is my "claimant"?
  6. What do I need to provide to prove my claim for Florida residency?
  7. Qualification by Exception
  8. I am a Non-U.S Citizen. Do I qualify as Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes?
  9. Important things to know about establishing Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes
  10. Definitions
  11. Appeal Procedures

What do I need to provide to prove my claim for Florida residency?

The claimant must provide documentation proving both legal ties and physical presence in the state of Florida. Documents must be dated/issued at least 12 months before the first day of the semester for which Florida residency is sought. The claimant must demonstrate the establishment of a bona fide domicile in Florida and absence of legal ties to another state. No single document is conclusive.

Applicants who have been accepted to an FAU Graduate Degree Program may submit residency documents by clicking the button below:


Please contact gcresidency@fau.edu for more information or if you have difficulty accessing the residency portal.

First Tier (at least two or more documents submitted must be from this list, however, more may be needed)

  • A Florida voter’s registration card.
  • A Florida driver’s license.
  • A State of Florida identification card.
  • A Florida vehicle registration.
  • Proof of a permanent home in Florida which is occupied as a primary residence by the individual or by the individual’s parent if the individual is a dependent child.
  • Proof of a homestead exemption in Florida.
  • Transcripts from a Florida high school for multiple years (2 or more years) if the Florida high school diploma or GED was earned within the last 12 months.
  • Proof of permanent full-time employment in Florida for at least 30 hours per week for a consecutive 12-month period.

Second Tier (may be used in conjunction with one document from First Tier, but more may be needed as determined by the Residency Officer)

  • A declaration of domicile in Florida.
  • A Florida professional or occupational license.
  • Florida incorporation.
  • A document evidencing verifiable family ties to a Florida resident, as defined by tuition purposes.
  • Proof of membership in a Florida-based charitable or professional organization.
  • Any other documentation that supports the student’s request for resident status, including, but not limited to, utility bills and proof of 12 consecutive months of payments; a lease agreement and proof of 12 consecutive months of payments; or an official state, federal, or court document evidencing legal ties to Florida.

Residency Email:  gcresidency@fau.edu
Residency Phone: 561-297-1380

 Last Modified 1/19/21