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Back in 1976, I was a newcomer to South Florida and had landed a job with the City of Tamarac. Encouraged to get a Master's in Public Administration by the then City Manager, I did so, graduating in June 1979. Little did I know that I would become quite involved in FAU -- my own little history as my family calls it. First my son, Randy, now 31 and a department head with the City of Miramar, obtained his BS and MPA at FAU this decade. He is currently enrolled in the Public Administration Ph.D. program.

Of course, I became an employee in 2002 and taking advantage of the free education benefit, I graduated with my second FAU Master's in History, in April 2009 – almost 30 years to the month from my first degree at FAU. Between Randy's schooling and my retirement being in sight (probably 7 years away), FAU will just have to put up with two Cross guys for the next near decade.

Evan Cross '79, '09
Assistant Director
Florida Atlantic University
Physical Plant Department

I am a Spring 2011 graduate, earning my Bachelor of Information Engineering Technology degree from FAU. I am also a handicapped student with neurological disabilities that hamper my memory and thought processes to an extent. I graduated from Indian River State College in 2008 with my Associate's in Computer Information Technology and started at FAU in January 2008, at the Treasure Coast campus.

In my time as a student I survived cancer, my father survived a heart attack and double bypass surgery, and my mother survived a peritoneal abscess which required surgery.

Despite my disability and the health challenges, I was able to succeed at Florida Atlantic University and I had experiences I will not forget, including witnessing a Presidential Debate and a visit by the Dalai Lama.

Michael Goodfellow '11

188,000 miles per second. Not just the law but a good idea.

Billoni's Then
Snow Ball
November 19, 1993
I met my future husband 17 years ago on my very first night of college at FAU. Robert was a senior and I was a freshman – excited and nervous to meet new people and experience life at FAU in the 90s. Some of my new roommates met some of the fraternity brothers who were helping new students move their stuff into the dorms and they invited the guys over to meet the rest of us. Little did I know that day I was meeting my future husband and my new sorority sisters.

Robert was then president of his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, and I became a new pledge sister in Theta Phi Alpha … and we became fast friends. I learned so much from him about campus life, people, and how to make the most out of going to school there. Eventually after a semester of building a great friendship and having many mutual friends advising us that we were so cute together – we finally became a couple and after a year eventually got engaged on campus as well ... right where we first met!

Together we were very involved on campus in Student Government, Greek Life and we got to take some classes together, too. Once both of us had graduated and begun our respective careers we were married, with many of our FAU friends at our side.

As alumni we have stayed very active with the campus, serving as Billoni's Now advisors for many years to our respective Greek organizations and helping with FAUNAA and becoming "lifelong members," and attending numerous programs and sporting events. We have remained very loyal to FAU, even after we moved to Tampa, Florida, two years ago. We continue to attend several FAU events in this area and returned "home" to Boca many times to see the campus expansion and excitement of future plans. Our story is so special to us as original FAU Sweethearts ... if it were not for Florida Atlantic we may have never met. We appreciate and treasure the education and experiences that FAU brought into our lives and will always appreciate "coming home."


Cathy Sniegocki Billoni '97

After going to school out of state for a year, a few fellow athletes and I decided to return to South Florida to complete our higher education. We heard about a new state university starting up in Boca Raton. In the fall of 1964 we became students in the Department of Education/Physical Education at FAU. Dr. Hullihan, head of the P.E. Department and Dr. Brightenstein, Dean of Students, worked with us to set up our schedules and served as mentors until we got our degrees.

Some of my memories at FAU include driving through a cow pasture that is now Powerline Road to attend classes.There were no athletic facilities on the campus so we had to drive all over Boca Raton to use the high school football field, the city pool or any place available for our skills tests and intramural games. I remember Dr. Sareno adapting the Anatomy and Physiology class for physical education teachers by describing the muscles and the skeletal system according to those needed to throw and catch a football.

We all graduated in 1966 and went on to have careers teaching, coaching and refereeing in Broward County. I am proud of the progress FAU has made over the past 50 years.

Carol Ungerer '66
Pompano Beach, Fla.

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