Webinars are a great way for parents "meet" FAU Administrators and to learn about FAU's resource. 


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Making the Most of Advising
Jamie De La Rionda from University Advising Services joined us for this webinar. She offered pointers to discuss with your student on how to make the most of the advising session. Remember, students are required to see their academic advisor before they can register for summer/fall classes.

In this webinar, FAU Housing and Residential Education walked through the process of selecting a room for the 2016-2017 academic year which begins Nov.2. Please contact FAU on-campus Housing at housing@fau.edu or 561-297-2880, or visit fau.edu/housing for additional information.  

In this webinar, the presenters explained Title IX and its purpose. Resources for students who are victims of sexually assault or harassment were also discussed. 

The first six weeks of college can be the most challenging for some students. Members of the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services presented the session and offered tips on how you can best support your student during this time.

Some students will soon be embarking on the recruitment process. In this webinar, the presenters took the mystery out of the process and talked about some of the myths of being a member of a fraternity or sorority.

Discussed in this webinar was why you should attend Parent and Family Weekend and how you can make the most of the weekend. We completed a walk-thru navigation of how to register for the weekend.

Presenters for this webinar were from South Florida Commuter Services as well as FAU Commuter Services and FAU Traffic and Parking. In this webinar they discussed alternative ways to travel to FAU. They also discussed the services offered by FAU Commuter Services to help keep your student engaged in their education. 

Representatives from Housing will discussed what you can expect during Move-in. Also covered was what items to bring and not bring for the room. 

Whether you have heard of FERPA or not, this webinar is for you.  FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. While this topic is covered in Orientation, a representative from the Registrar's Office discussed the law much more in-depth and what it means for you.

Representatives from both departments presented in this webinar. People often confuse the role of each office. In this webinar, they discussed what they do and offered tips so you will know who to contact if you have questions. *Please note, because of technical issues, the PowerPoints in this webinar weren't visible. Upon completion of the form to receive the viewing link, there is also a link for the PowerPoints.

Each experience with a child in college is different for parents since no child is the same. Whether it is your first, second or tenth child heading to college, this webinar is for you. This webinar, discusses how you can prepare yourself for this transition before school starts. In addition, covered was information on how you can prepare siblings for this transition. Also presenting was a parent who has his second student heading to college in a few short months. 

This webinar, presented by Dr. Larry Faerman, Interim Dean of Students, covered the role of a college parent but also discussed how parents can best work with University Administrators to aid in their student's success. 

Coming out is not only a process for LGBTQ individuals. Their friends and family also experience a kind of coming out of their own. This webinar will touch on both topics, as well as how you can support your student in living authentically. 

Representatives from Counseling and Psychological Services presented this webinar. They discussed family dynamics when your student comes home for the summer as they are sure to change a little. They also discussed how to maximize this "last" summer together for parents who have students entering FAU soon. Lastly, some suggestions for how your student can make the most out of his/her summer were covered. 

This webinar was full of useful information regarding how your student can gain academic related experiences outside the classroom (think: resume building opportunities!!!). Topics for this session included Service-Learning, Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, and Co-ops and Internships. These opportunities are available to all students from first year to last year. Some might be something your student might consider doing over the summer while others might be better suited for fall semester, regardless, it's never too early to start planning. 

The role of Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution is to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as University community members. Students often aren't familiar with the Conduct Office until they are in trouble, and then it is too late. One of their goals is to encourage students to assume self and social responsibility. In this webinar, the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Joanna Ellwood, will educate parents on the conduct process to encourage a safe and healthy environment for the campus community.

Deputy Chief Brammer reminds us that police department at FAU is here for more than just to arrest unruly students. He discussed other services the police department provides that your student should take advantage of while they are at FAU. 

Presenters Dr. Raquel Cabral, Director of Owls Care Health Promotion, and Michelle Hendricks, Director of Student Health presented information on how a student can stay healthy and well while living on campus. 

Dr. Jennifer Peluso, Assistant Provost and Senior Instructor and Dr. Barclay Barrios, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor discussed expectations of students in the classroom. Topic covered included how your student should interact with a faculty member, how they should behave in a college classroom, and what expectations faculty have for students both inside and outside of the classroom.

College life is full of decisions to make regarding social life. In this webinar, Dr. Raquel Cabral from Owls Care Health Promotion discusses students' decisions to drink alcohol and how a parent can coach their student as they are making these decisions.

College is so much more than going to class and getting good grades. In this webinar, Rachel Decker from Student Involvement discusses why and how students can get involved outside of class. We also hear from a student who gives her perspective on getting involved and how it has benefited her. 

The beginning of the new year means it is time to submit the FAFSA form. In this webinar Alex Laurent an Associate Director in the Financial Aid Office provides information on completing the form. 

The second semester of college can be exciting as students will get a fresh start with the beginning of the new semester but could include some hesitations from students also because it lacks the fanfare and anticipation of the first semester. In this webinar, we discuss what new opportunities and challenges the new semester can bring. We discuss ways you, as the parent, can help coach your student through it.

It's the end of the semester which means final grades will be posted to student's MyFAU accounts soon. In this webinar we cover items you want to include in your discussions with your student as you evaluate the semester and move on to the next semester.

Students are currently(November 2014)in the process of renewing housing contracts for next school year (2015-2016). Acting Director of Residence Life, Tracy Cunningham presented on housing for 2015-2016 and answered questions.

Excited for your student to come home soon?
In this webinar, we will discuss what to expect when your student arrives home. We will also give you pointers on topics that you should talk about before they even leave campus. A sophomore parent (with a younger student at home) will join us in the webinar and talk about his experience when his daughter came home for the holidays.

This webinar focused on student's adjusting to a more rigorous academic life as they balance a new social life. The purpose is to educate parents on what they can expect after midterm grades come out and familiarize themselves with all of the resources FAU has to offer for students who might be struggling with this transition.
Presenters include:
Dr. Jennifer Bebergal, Assistant Dean for Retention and Academic Support
Jamie Failoni, Coordinator, Academic Programs (University Advising Services)
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