Completing the Checklist: Freshman

Tuition Deposit

In order for a student to secure their spot at FAU, they will need to pay their Tuition Deposit no later than May 1. After paying the tuition deposit, students can proceed through the Checklist.


Orientation Reservation

Complete the Orientation Reservation form through MyFAU account. Once the student submits the orientation fee, their reservation is confirmed, and their orientation hold is removed.


Immunization Records

Students are required to submit the Immunization Form as soon as possible. A hold is placed on their account which prevents them from registering from classes until the form is submitted. Please note forms should be submitted directly to the Immunization Office and must be signed by the student. Full directions are located at the Immunization Office Website.


Register for Classes

Once students have completed their orientation reservation, EZ Advising (launching March 22), and submitted their Immunization records, students should be ready to register for classes! They should check their MyFAU any other Holds that may prevent them from registering. Students should check the Academic Calendar to see the earliest date they can register for their classes in order to get the best selection for classes.


Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid is imperative for students who wish to receive, grants, loans, and/or some scholarships. Students should check their Financial Aid package status on MyFAU Self-Service, or contact their Financial Aid Counselor for more information.


Apply for On-Campus Housing

Students should Complete their Application and non-refundable application fee early so they are more likely to receive their top preference(s).


Residency Information

Is your student a Florida resident seeking in-state tuition? Then they will want to complete the Residency Form to receive in-state tuition rates. A list of FAQs can be found on the left side of the page. One of the links on the left reads “What are the Basic Requirements for Florida Residency?” That link will have the required information to prove residency listed. The student will need to complete the Residency Form and include the required materials to prove residence and mail or fax it to the location/number on the bottom of the form.


First-Year Interest Group (FIG)

First-Year Interest Group (FIG) helps students make a fast, smooth, and easy transition to FAU. You will meet faculty and staff, make friends, and get connected to YOUR specific college from day one while identifying your strengths, clarifying your goals, and developing the mindset and motivation to thrive at FAU.

 Last Modified 3/12/21